Welcome to My Sexy Adventures


I was 19 when I decide to become a dominatrix. Well, actually I think the term mistress would be better suited to me, as a dominatrix usually dishes out punishment and I prefer to control people for my own pleasure. It all started when my boyfriend at the time asked me to tie him up and ravage him.

“Annabella, please, it would be so much fun” he begged, “”and maybe another time I could tie you up.

I actually did let him try tying me up once, but the position of submission wasn’t for me. That first time that I had him bound, I rode his face for almost an hour, watching precum ooze out of his cock as he got more and more turned on. As I got braver, I would often turn around and make him eat my ass too, as I would tease just the tip of his cock with my tongue. Then I would ride him, using his cock much like I would a dildo. When I knew that he was about to cum, I would stop for a bit, so that I could get more pleasure out of the session myself.

As we got more bold, we invited in both men and women to the mix. He often would have to watch me get fucked for an hour, cumming relentlessly, before I would finally straddle his cock and let him cum. Other times, it would be a hot young girl that I had lured in to join us. I would make her do things to me, then I would often give her pleasure as well and finally Jim would get to join us. I was quickly becoming fully bisexual and not just ‘curious’. One particular girl, whom we met a few times, was named Sandy.

“You could make a good living out of doing this Annabella, you are a natural at it” Sandy said one evening as I made her eat my pussy.

“Seriously?” I replied, grinding my big pussy lips into her face. She had trouble replying at that point.

Jim and I broke up later on that year, but by then I had gotten very much into anal sex, orgasm denial, restraints and strap-on fucking girls. I had become a sex starved slut and I loved it. I got to thinking about what Sandy had said to me that night so I got in touch with a local agency to enquire as to what it would entail.

The woman that ran the agency was very understanding and she explained everything in detail. She told me that my particular fetishes would be very much in demand, so I became and escort. I was now officially ‘Mistress Annabella’.

Clients were one thing, but I often still found the need for sex that was varied and exempt from any conditions. On many occasions, I sought out fellow escorts to indulge in various pleasures and I am still doing that today with J London Escorts.